Arts Short #2

Hello you!  Look how awesome you are today!

Today’s post is a continuation of my arts series on the blog post by Lisa Phillips,

To see more of this series click here.

The second part of Lisa’s post is this:

2. Confidence – The skills developed through theater, not only train you how to convincingly deliver a message, but also build the confidence you need to take command of the stage. Theater training gives children practice stepping out of their comfort zone and allows them to make mistakes and learn from them in rehearsal. This process gives children the confidence to perform in front of large audiences.

I believe that this is applicable in several ways.  The first thing I think of when reading this is being a teenager, and therefore knowing the habits of teenagers.  The ultimate goal is to look cool.  No risks are taken.  Making a fool of oneself is not an option. One is hyper-sensitive to being laughed at.  What to do…what to do…

It’s been my personal thought that the best way to avoid this (or at least reduce it) is to teach silliness and imagination as a habit at a young age.  No ideas are shot down.  Inhibition is not an option.  Wild abandon is the ultimate goal.  (What an idealist I am!!!)

So theater…in high school I took a theater class.  I really wanted to try.  I wanted to learn.  I wanted to act….but theater isn’t an independent activity, and when you are forced to rely on the enthusiasm of teenagers, you don’t get very far.  Theater in high school was a waste of time for me because it was impossible to access people’s creativity.  (HUGE IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not me saying that theater is not valuable in high school.  This is me saying it’s not valuable for teenagers who are taught that being silly in front of your peers is not okay!  This is the problem that needs to be fixed.  This is why we need arts in school!)

Confidence (like creativity) is a product of the arts, not a prerequisite.  Do you want to have confidence in the things you do?  Do you want to write, speak, perform, work, play, and love with confidence?  Do you want future generations to do things with confidence?  If so, then support and participate in the arts!

As a Toastmaster, I could not read this without catching on to “convincingly deliver a message,” “take command of the stage,” “step out of their comfort zone,” “make mistakes and learn,” and “large audiences.”

I am constantly hearing from people, “I can’t speak in public,” “Large audiences intimidate me,” “Public speaking makes me uncomfortable,” etc.

Isn’t this what Toastmasters is out to fix!

Why is it that when I tell people about Toastmasters, a public speaking club, that they would rather run away from it that toward it?  Toastmasters produce confidence; they don’t judge people for not having it.  It shows what kind of nonchalant and apathetic society we face every day when people expect to be judged!

Imagine the kind of world we would live in if people weren’t so intimidated by their own imagination!

Be a pioneer and move to that world!


Talk to me!

Tell me about something you’re intimidated by.

Tell me about a time confidence got you far.


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